Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passion Magazine @ Enchated Night

I attended this Enchanted Night Party organized by Passion Magazine at Palace of Golden Horses few weeks ago. We were told to dress like prince or princess and they will select the best dressed male and female.

So Me and Cindy, rented this couple gown. She was dressed as a prince and I was dressed as a princess. The gown we rented was really cheap. For the princess gown which inclusive of accessories was only RM70 and for Cindy's Prince outfit was RM60. We rented it from Costume World.

Cindy and Me

The night kicked started with some dances and then some fashion shows. It was such a fun night as most of the guests were fully dressed up. Undoubtedly, we spent the whole night non-stop taking pictures.

ME with Belinda Chee

Cindy, Dom and Mua


Cindy Khor said...

you look amazing in your princess gown... cindy tey looks amazing too... such a great a couple...

beauty queen said...

Thanks alot ya , yap it was a fun night