Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview @ NTV 7 Breakfast SHow

I just had an interview @ NTV7 Breakfast Show few days ago. It was so nice to see Daphne Iking again. She interviewed me few months ago during Chinese New Year. I was there to promote the Great Singapore Sales Challenge and also to promote my up coming singing album and also my recent chinese drama which is now showing on NTV7. It was a relax and fun interview. Straight after the interview, I quickly rushed for my training class. Then, at night I went for studio recording for my singing album.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Singapore Sales Shopping Challenge

Pua Chu Kang( Mr Gurmit Sigh) and Me

Ladies and gentlemen, Singapore will be having a great sale from 29th May till 26th July. There will be a lot of sales going on.

A press conference for this particular event was held at pavilion a few weeks ago. The press conference kick started with 30 over guys wearing " Pua Chu Kang" mask. Then, we were asked to guess who was the real Pua Chu Kang.

All in Pua Chu Kang's MAsk
After revealing the real Pua Chu Kang, the event continued with some Q & A session. With the presence of Pua Chu Kang , the atmosphere was undoubtedly filled with non-stop laughter.

With the Signature Yellow Boot

Besides that, I will be representing Malaysia in this Great Singapore Shopping Challenge on the 29th May 2009. There will be over 30 representative from each countries participating in this great event.For this competition, each group will consists of 2 members, and each will be given Singapore Dollar $1000 to shop the specific items. The team with the less expenditure wll win Singapore Dollar $10,000.Therefore, I will be coming down to Singapore from the 28th till the 30th. I really can't wait to shop.

Passion Magazine @ Enchated Night

I attended this Enchanted Night Party organized by Passion Magazine at Palace of Golden Horses few weeks ago. We were told to dress like prince or princess and they will select the best dressed male and female.

So Me and Cindy, rented this couple gown. She was dressed as a prince and I was dressed as a princess. The gown we rented was really cheap. For the princess gown which inclusive of accessories was only RM70 and for Cindy's Prince outfit was RM60. We rented it from Costume World.

Cindy and Me

The night kicked started with some dances and then some fashion shows. It was such a fun night as most of the guests were fully dressed up. Undoubtedly, we spent the whole night non-stop taking pictures.

ME with Belinda Chee

Cindy, Dom and Mua

Samsung LED TV launch @ Penang

I just did a Samsung LED TV Launch at Penang's Queens Bay Mall.

We reached there around 3pm. After wearing my sash and crown, the launch started. It started with a ribbon cutting ceremony and then follwed by some songs performance by me.

Then, I was invited on stage again to give out some prizes for the kids who participated in the colouring contest.
After the event ended, I met up with my penang's friends and we went for food hunting.