Thursday, April 23, 2009

Samsung LED TV Ambassador

With All the VIPs

The huge project that I am working on right now is for the launch of the Samsung LED TV. I am officially the ambassador of Samsung LED TV in Malaysia. I am really honored to be selected.

(Let me share some knowledge about LED TV with you all.
( This newest species of TV is called LED TV. I had a chance towatch a short movie on the LED TV and the picture quality is just breathtaking, very sharp indeed. The most amazing part about the LED TV is that, its slimness is just 1.2 inches. Hence, it is just like a picture frame which you can mount it on a wall. This LED is also eco-friendly as there is no chemical spray involved and LEDs are mercury-free. On the other hand, LED TV utilized the technology of crystal design. Another fantastic thing about LED TV is that it could be connected to your computer. By just using DNLA wireless, we could watch all the downloaded movies or even you tube on the LED TV. Also, the LED TV has a content flash library and a USB plug)

The launch and press conference for the Samsung LED TV was held at the KLCC conventional Center last week. The event was really grand and over 100 media and 400 dealers attended this extravaganza.

The event started off with speeches by the VIPs and then they launched the event by pouring some chemical solution into a huge test tube and this automatically invokes the huge screen to display a video by Samsung. Then as the video ended, the huge screen was lifted up and I was revealed. At the same time, they officially announced me as the ambassador for Samsung LED TV. (Well, it was really a surprise for the media to see me there as the organizers did not inform them earlier)After the photography and speech session, I lead all of them for a tour of Samsung TV. The tour was to showcase Samsung's new species of television and all audio visual products. It was really interesting and a wonderful experience for everyone.

The launch ended around 5.30pm. The organizers were so kind that they prepared a hotel room for me to rest and freshen up.

The event for the day continued with a gala night dinner. Before the dinner started, we were all busy snapping pictures outside.

The host for that night was Sharizan and Lyne (Former Miss Astro). The night kick started with a drum performance and then followed by singing performances.

Me performing on stage

I did not just sit quiet at my table for the whole night. After the 2nd course meal, I went back stage to change and get ready for my solo singing performance. I performed 3 songs during mid of the night and then another finale song during the end of the show. I really enjoyed performing on that night as the audience was great and the sound system was awesome. The whole show was indeed a great one.=)

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Kenny Momocha said...

what's the three song r u singing? did u improve ur singing skill again? I improve a lot and going to catch up with u soon xD