Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mr Siao Mandarin Class Last Day Of shooting

Cast Members of Mr Siao Mandarin Class

Wow, time really flies. Today is the last episod shooting for Mr Siao Mandarin Class. My shooting began early in the morning and ended around 8pm. I was one of the earliest to finish shooting. So after bidding good bye and saying thank you to all cast and crew members, I headed back home.

I went back home to remove my make up and had a hot bath. I was so relax and feeling happy as my shooting for the day finished quite early ( Normally we shoot until at least 1am or 2 am, at times till 3am).

While i was checking my mail online and resting in my room, I received a phone call from the crew. They told me this" Hello, I am so sorry we made a mistake, as you still have one more part to shoot, so you have to come back."

So, I went back again and had my make up done again. Well, although this is tiring but I think is worth it, as I get to see all the cast and crew again. So we continued shooting till 3am. All the cast was already beaming in joy on that night as it was our last day of shooting. We were all busy taking group pictures as well.

With August Kwan and Elvanna

With Baki

With Sharukhan

With " Keng GU"

With Alvin

With Steve Yap

After shooting, we went to change, and then the director gathered us in a room and had a little surprise for everyone of us. He was so sweet, he spent whole night using plasterstin to moul each and every character in the show. We were all so touched.
All of us

Me and Myself


Silencer said...

steve yap is hot!

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Great job on the show!