Monday, April 20, 2009

A brussy Advertistment

Recently, I shot an Advertistment for a cream called A-Bruzzy. It is a cream to heal bruises. On the shooting day, my call-time was at 12 noon. The shooting place was at this huge Bungalow. The place was totally awesome, really like a private holiday resort. Well, I reached there around 12 something. However, my shooting started around 4pm. So me and Amber( My pretended Daughter In the Advertistment) took a short nap in one of the rooms.

At about 3 something, we started our make up and hair do. They bunned my hair up and applied light make up on my face.

It was really fun to shoot with Amber. She is such a cute little girl. The atmosphere was constantly lightened up by her laughters.

Initially, they estimated to finish all the shooting by dinner time. However, we shot till 2.30am. It was a really tiring day but undoubtedly it was great fun.

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