Monday, April 13, 2009

BRidal shoot by Jeff and Richard From International BRidal Association, USA.

I received a phone call from Carven Ong, one day before this shoot. This project was quite rush and Carven told me 3 people from USA International Bridal Association wanted to take my pictures in bridal wear and will be published in their web site. Without any second thought, I agreed to accept this job.

So, I arrived at Carven Ong's boutique around 4pm. I met Jeff and Richard and Sooky from the Bridal Association. After exchanging name cards, we started our photo shooting session. We started to shoot at Lot 10. We attracted some crowd while we were shooting at the main hall of Lot 10. Some even asking me " Are you getting married?"

When i saw the end product of Jeff and Richard, I really salute to them. Their skill in photography is superb and I just love all the pictures. Look at the few pictures below which we shot at Lot 10. Seriously, the pictures explained everything. From lighting to expression, they captured every single detail. Also, believe or not, they just used a camera and a small torch light to capture all the pictures. I just love the way they utilized the lightings and also their skilsl and techniques in photography. Well, they really transformed Lot10 into somewhere in Paris or Europe.

Lot 10 ground floor

Lot 10
Stairs at Lot 10
After shooting at Lot 10, we headed to the Taxi stand and grab a Taxi to the KL Tower. As they were in a rush, so I did not bother to change . So, I just wore the gown ,walking out from lot 10, went into the taxi and headed straight to KL tower. What an experience. Everyone was just starring weirdly at me.

As we reached there, one of the person in charged brought us up to the highest floor,( where normal people were prohibited to go) to continue our shooting. This was the 1st time I ever went to KL tower. I was really thrilled.

Below are the few pictures we shot there, it was undoubtedly awesome.
Our shooting was very fast, we finished in 2 hours time. After the shoot, Jeff , Richard and Sooky quickly rushed to KLIA airport to catch their flight back.
Well, what an amazing experience, and i think is definitely worth it.
Oh ya if you all want them to take pictures for your wedding, you can visit their web site here ( As I acknowledged, alot of clients called them from USA to purposely fly down to Asia and help them to shoot their wedding pictures).

KL tower


Papa Jack said...

hey sis! :) So, this is the bridal shot which requested from US which u told me the other day? You look great in it! :) God bless ur day everyday!

beauty queen said...

Yap bro indeed

vietsichum said...

Nice !