Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st episod of Mr Siao on TV

This was a very busy day for me; I woke early in the morning and went for a product briefing about television. It was a great presentation and I learned so much about television.

Baki, Steve, Alvin, Elvanna and Me @ 8tv Celebrity Chat

The product briefing finished around 1pm. Straight after the briefing, I rushed to Sri Pentas TV station to attend a live Celebrity Chat show for 8tv. Luckily, I was on time. Hence, me together with Steve Yap, Elvanna, and Alvin attended the show together to promote our Sitcom called “Mr Siao Mandarin Class" which will be aired on NTV 7, every Wednesday at 9pm. So co-incident, the host for the chat show was also one of the cast members of our Chinese sitcom. Therefore, Undoubtedly, we filled the studio with joy and laughter. We all were just being ourselves and busy promoting our sitcom.

Then, I went to prepare some drinks and snacks for tonight's gathering. Well, my manager and I planned this gathering in our office to watch the 1st episode of my Chinese sitcom on TV.

Waiting in front of the TV with my family

Around 8.30pm, all my family members and my manager gathered in our office and we decided to watch it on a huge and slim Samsung TV. We were all really excited. Meanwhile, I kept texting all my friends to watch the show.

Myself on TV

At 9pm, there came my show, I was beaming in joy when I saw my face on the TV. The graphic display of the TV was so clear and great that I quickly used my camera to snap some of my scenes on TV.

While watching the Sitcom

After the show ended, I received alot of messages from my friends. I was really touched when one of my overseas friend texted me this," Hey Wincci, I know I am in overseas now, but I managed to watch the show via the web cam, and me and my mom loves it." I was really touched as her mother purposely placed the web camera in front of the TV for her to watch. Thank you to all of you out there who are supporting me.

With all the cast and crew of the show

The night did not just end after the show, all the cast of the show decided to go to a bar in TTDI plaza for a gathering. It was a celebration as well for all the cast and crew members, as our product finally paid off. All the hard work and waiting was finally worth while.


Jason O said...

Really funny show. Like it!

beauty queen said...

Jason thanks so much for your support ya, really appreciate it alot

kenny tan said...

I don't have tv over here at my rented place unfortunately, but I wish I can watch you on the show.