Thursday, April 23, 2009

Samsung LED TV Ambassador

With All the VIPs

The huge project that I am working on right now is for the launch of the Samsung LED TV. I am officially the ambassador of Samsung LED TV in Malaysia. I am really honored to be selected.

(Let me share some knowledge about LED TV with you all.
( This newest species of TV is called LED TV. I had a chance towatch a short movie on the LED TV and the picture quality is just breathtaking, very sharp indeed. The most amazing part about the LED TV is that, its slimness is just 1.2 inches. Hence, it is just like a picture frame which you can mount it on a wall. This LED is also eco-friendly as there is no chemical spray involved and LEDs are mercury-free. On the other hand, LED TV utilized the technology of crystal design. Another fantastic thing about LED TV is that it could be connected to your computer. By just using DNLA wireless, we could watch all the downloaded movies or even you tube on the LED TV. Also, the LED TV has a content flash library and a USB plug)

The launch and press conference for the Samsung LED TV was held at the KLCC conventional Center last week. The event was really grand and over 100 media and 400 dealers attended this extravaganza.

The event started off with speeches by the VIPs and then they launched the event by pouring some chemical solution into a huge test tube and this automatically invokes the huge screen to display a video by Samsung. Then as the video ended, the huge screen was lifted up and I was revealed. At the same time, they officially announced me as the ambassador for Samsung LED TV. (Well, it was really a surprise for the media to see me there as the organizers did not inform them earlier)After the photography and speech session, I lead all of them for a tour of Samsung TV. The tour was to showcase Samsung's new species of television and all audio visual products. It was really interesting and a wonderful experience for everyone.

The launch ended around 5.30pm. The organizers were so kind that they prepared a hotel room for me to rest and freshen up.

The event for the day continued with a gala night dinner. Before the dinner started, we were all busy snapping pictures outside.

The host for that night was Sharizan and Lyne (Former Miss Astro). The night kick started with a drum performance and then followed by singing performances.

Me performing on stage

I did not just sit quiet at my table for the whole night. After the 2nd course meal, I went back stage to change and get ready for my solo singing performance. I performed 3 songs during mid of the night and then another finale song during the end of the show. I really enjoyed performing on that night as the audience was great and the sound system was awesome. The whole show was indeed a great one.=)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rehearsal for a project

I just came back from rehearsal. Tomorrow will be the BIG DAY for me. I still cant reveal it now, but i promise by tomorrow you all will know what big project i will be involved. I am really excited. Just a teaser for you all, tomorrow there will be a press conference @ KLCC conventional centre. I know it will be tiring tomorrow, so I have to go to bed now and hopefully it will be a huge success =). Wish me luck=) and Stay tuned.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Power of 10 cents Video from UPF

A brussy Advertistment

Recently, I shot an Advertistment for a cream called A-Bruzzy. It is a cream to heal bruises. On the shooting day, my call-time was at 12 noon. The shooting place was at this huge Bungalow. The place was totally awesome, really like a private holiday resort. Well, I reached there around 12 something. However, my shooting started around 4pm. So me and Amber( My pretended Daughter In the Advertistment) took a short nap in one of the rooms.

At about 3 something, we started our make up and hair do. They bunned my hair up and applied light make up on my face.

It was really fun to shoot with Amber. She is such a cute little girl. The atmosphere was constantly lightened up by her laughters.

Initially, they estimated to finish all the shooting by dinner time. However, we shot till 2.30am. It was a really tiring day but undoubtedly it was great fun.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Aqua Skin Launch @ Fukuya


I just did a launching for Aqua skin products this afternoon. It was held in fukuya @ Jalan Delima,KL(Somewhere near time square).

I reached the place around 12noon with my naked face. I was informed that, me and another Miss Chinese Astro will be the models for the launching. So without wasting any time, they began my make up and hair-do. Well, the theme of that day was natural and japanese style. So they dolled me up, looking like a japanese girl. When I was half way doing my make up, Emily, from Miss Chinese Astro arrived.(This was my 1st time meeting her, she is really sweet and friendly.)

Emily & Me
After the make up, we both were dressed in Kimono.(This was the 1st time ever i wore a Kimono). While waiting for the event to start, both of us and the hair stylist was exciting taking pictures.

The event ended around 4pm. After that, I quickly rushed to a product training again=).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st episod of Mr Siao on TV

This was a very busy day for me; I woke early in the morning and went for a product briefing about television. It was a great presentation and I learned so much about television.

Baki, Steve, Alvin, Elvanna and Me @ 8tv Celebrity Chat

The product briefing finished around 1pm. Straight after the briefing, I rushed to Sri Pentas TV station to attend a live Celebrity Chat show for 8tv. Luckily, I was on time. Hence, me together with Steve Yap, Elvanna, and Alvin attended the show together to promote our Sitcom called “Mr Siao Mandarin Class" which will be aired on NTV 7, every Wednesday at 9pm. So co-incident, the host for the chat show was also one of the cast members of our Chinese sitcom. Therefore, Undoubtedly, we filled the studio with joy and laughter. We all were just being ourselves and busy promoting our sitcom.

Then, I went to prepare some drinks and snacks for tonight's gathering. Well, my manager and I planned this gathering in our office to watch the 1st episode of my Chinese sitcom on TV.

Waiting in front of the TV with my family

Around 8.30pm, all my family members and my manager gathered in our office and we decided to watch it on a huge and slim Samsung TV. We were all really excited. Meanwhile, I kept texting all my friends to watch the show.

Myself on TV

At 9pm, there came my show, I was beaming in joy when I saw my face on the TV. The graphic display of the TV was so clear and great that I quickly used my camera to snap some of my scenes on TV.

While watching the Sitcom

After the show ended, I received alot of messages from my friends. I was really touched when one of my overseas friend texted me this," Hey Wincci, I know I am in overseas now, but I managed to watch the show via the web cam, and me and my mom loves it." I was really touched as her mother purposely placed the web camera in front of the TV for her to watch. Thank you to all of you out there who are supporting me.

With all the cast and crew of the show

The night did not just end after the show, all the cast of the show decided to go to a bar in TTDI plaza for a gathering. It was a celebration as well for all the cast and crew members, as our product finally paid off. All the hard work and waiting was finally worth while.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mr Siao Mandain Class Showing tonight at 9pm, NTV 7, Please support

I just came back from a live celebrity chat on 8tv. It was fun to see back the cast again. Oh ya ladies and gentlemen, please support us every wednesday@ NTV7, 9 pm, Mr Siao Mandarin Class. For the 1st episod i will be appearing at the end of the show, please support ya thanks alot

Monday, April 13, 2009

BRidal shoot by Jeff and Richard From International BRidal Association, USA.

I received a phone call from Carven Ong, one day before this shoot. This project was quite rush and Carven told me 3 people from USA International Bridal Association wanted to take my pictures in bridal wear and will be published in their web site. Without any second thought, I agreed to accept this job.

So, I arrived at Carven Ong's boutique around 4pm. I met Jeff and Richard and Sooky from the Bridal Association. After exchanging name cards, we started our photo shooting session. We started to shoot at Lot 10. We attracted some crowd while we were shooting at the main hall of Lot 10. Some even asking me " Are you getting married?"

When i saw the end product of Jeff and Richard, I really salute to them. Their skill in photography is superb and I just love all the pictures. Look at the few pictures below which we shot at Lot 10. Seriously, the pictures explained everything. From lighting to expression, they captured every single detail. Also, believe or not, they just used a camera and a small torch light to capture all the pictures. I just love the way they utilized the lightings and also their skilsl and techniques in photography. Well, they really transformed Lot10 into somewhere in Paris or Europe.

Lot 10 ground floor

Lot 10
Stairs at Lot 10
After shooting at Lot 10, we headed to the Taxi stand and grab a Taxi to the KL Tower. As they were in a rush, so I did not bother to change . So, I just wore the gown ,walking out from lot 10, went into the taxi and headed straight to KL tower. What an experience. Everyone was just starring weirdly at me.

As we reached there, one of the person in charged brought us up to the highest floor,( where normal people were prohibited to go) to continue our shooting. This was the 1st time I ever went to KL tower. I was really thrilled.

Below are the few pictures we shot there, it was undoubtedly awesome.
Our shooting was very fast, we finished in 2 hours time. After the shoot, Jeff , Richard and Sooky quickly rushed to KLIA airport to catch their flight back.
Well, what an amazing experience, and i think is definitely worth it.
Oh ya if you all want them to take pictures for your wedding, you can visit their web site here ( As I acknowledged, alot of clients called them from USA to purposely fly down to Asia and help them to shoot their wedding pictures).

KL tower

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Please support Mr Siao Mandarin Class, a very funny chinese sitcom. Starting on April 15th, Every Wednesday, 9pm, At NTV 7

Everyone Please support Mr Siao Mandarin Class, a very funny chinese sitcom. Starting on April 15th, Every Wednesday, 9pm, At NTV 7. Must watch =). Please Support

Mr Siao Mandarin Class Last Day Of shooting

Cast Members of Mr Siao Mandarin Class

Wow, time really flies. Today is the last episod shooting for Mr Siao Mandarin Class. My shooting began early in the morning and ended around 8pm. I was one of the earliest to finish shooting. So after bidding good bye and saying thank you to all cast and crew members, I headed back home.

I went back home to remove my make up and had a hot bath. I was so relax and feeling happy as my shooting for the day finished quite early ( Normally we shoot until at least 1am or 2 am, at times till 3am).

While i was checking my mail online and resting in my room, I received a phone call from the crew. They told me this" Hello, I am so sorry we made a mistake, as you still have one more part to shoot, so you have to come back."

So, I went back again and had my make up done again. Well, although this is tiring but I think is worth it, as I get to see all the cast and crew again. So we continued shooting till 3am. All the cast was already beaming in joy on that night as it was our last day of shooting. We were all busy taking group pictures as well.

With August Kwan and Elvanna

With Baki

With Sharukhan

With " Keng GU"

With Alvin

With Steve Yap

After shooting, we went to change, and then the director gathered us in a room and had a little surprise for everyone of us. He was so sweet, he spent whole night using plasterstin to moul each and every character in the show. We were all so touched.
All of us

Me and Myself

Friday, April 10, 2009

Power of 10 cents

Currently, i am working with the red crescent society of Malaysia in this project called Gaza Power of 10 cents. This is really a charitable event as now with the power of only 10 cents, we can change a life of a child. This project is officially launched in every school. The main purpose of this project is to encourage school children to be involved in donation since young age. Also,all the donation funds will be channeled to children worldwide to help them to build their future. So just place at least a small amount of 10 cent into the donation box and you will create a better world.