Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad Side Effects of Diet Pills

Being a beauty queen is not necessarily to look very thin. As a beauty queen we need to look healthy and fit. However, if you want to be an actress or a singer, you have to be way thinner. This is because on camera you will be 30% fatter. After i came back from Miss World pageant i gained weight as they fed us 3 to 4 meals per day when I was there. I really felt uneasy after gaining weight, especially while attending events, I will be afraid people will give comment like : How come Miss Malaysia is so fleshy? or even worse How come Miss Malaysia is so fat?

Therefore, I have to loose weight. I have been trying a few diet. I think that watching your meals and exercising regularly ease in weight loss. Also, I think that extreme diet is not healthy for health. I tried atkins diet before where i do not eat carbohydrate for months, well i did lost weight but just short term and also i think that atkins diet made me craved for carbs more. I also tried extreme diet like just drinking water for the whole day. This is even worse, as it lowered my metabolism rate and when i start eating i really ate non-stop.

Another way of dieting is through pills, which is not advisable as it create alot of side effect. Also, I think that it is just for short term. Here are some of the pills and also the side effect caused.There is one type of pill called reductil. After consuming it, you will not feel hungry and will not have appetite for one whole day. However, you will feel very weak and lack of energy. It is around RM4.00 for each pills.


Xenical where it is a oil control pills. Just need to take 1 pill before consuming any oily food and it will block the fats and the oil will be eliminated as you go to toilet. Well, it just eliminates 30% of the fats consume, yet the more food we consume the more calories our body will absorb.It is around RM2.00 for one pill.


Another pill is called ducolax, which is a laxative pills. It makes you to go toilet. However, it will create like stomach ache pain. So, it is not advisable to over- dose. It is around rm7.50 for 20 pills.

Another is a carbo and fat blocker. called tipo-X. It was said to block 60% of fats and carbs. Just need to swallow 2 pills 20-30 mins before meal. It costs around RM35 for the whole box.


A great diet food i wanted to share here, is the Flourless Bread. It uses the new technology of sprouted wheat to make this bread. Initially it is used in hospital for patients and nowadays it is famous for diet. It is just 70 calories per slice.It is carbs free and it taste like normal bread. It cost about RM6 and available in some hyper store. It comes in 2 flavours, I prefer the one with green packing ones.

Adventise Flourless Bread

Well, I just want to say that taking all these pills is not advisable for diet.
I think the most effective diet is calorie diet. You just need to limit yourself to certain calories in order to loose weight. And you can choose to eat anything you want. Basically 3500 calories is equivalent to 1 pound. And everyday, an average women consume 2000 calories and for men 2500 calories. So if you eat lesser than that amount you will loose weight. Hence with the deficiency of calories, you will loose weight .If you want to loose weight faster limit yourself to 800 calories per day for 3 days then you can loose about 2 to 3kg. On the other hand, if you want to loose around 1kg in 3 days just limit your calorie intake to 1200 cal. Also, it is always better to eat before 7pm and drink loads of water. Below are some of the plans, you can switch it to other food you want by measuring the calorie intake.

800 Calories Diet Meal Plan

Breakfast: 2 slice of toast with Ham and egg

Morning Snack: Apple or any fruits

Lunch: One bowl of mee sup + Fruits

Lunch Snack: 3 pieces of biscuit or 1 slice of toast

Dinner: Soup, chicken, eggs and vegetables

1200 calories meal plan

Breakfast: Cereals+ Milk

Snack: Fruits

Lunch: Rice+ Vege+ Meat

Snack: Some Nuts

Dinner: Spagetti with red sauce

Also, if you exceed the calories you intended, you can loose it all by doing a little exercise. For examples:

(a) Standing Up for an hour- 100 cals burned
(b) Walking for an hour -200 cals burned
(c) Sitting for an hour -60 cals burned
(d) Sleeping for an hour -50 cals burned

So this is some of the diet tips, hope it helps=D!!!


lisayin said...

sleeping oso can burn calories????

beauty queen said...

of course

Gemz said...

Hihi wincci... thanks for the tips!!
where to buy the Adventise Flourless Bread??

beauty queen said...

Hey Gemz, you can get it from any giant store.

Marlene said...

Hey Soo
i love reading your posts...i think its great that you shared your life with us and ongrats on your achievements too!
however i think its not healthy to post medications info on your site as it encourages some youngsters to get it over the counter in pharmacies without consultation from doctors...in msia you can get anything u wan OTC without prescription (which is not the case in UK, Aus etc). like reductil, many ppl did not knw that it can cause mood disorders and other side effects as well. and the medication that u listed down, like xenical and reductil are medications for obese ppl, not for diet... obese in a sense that at 165 height you are more than 56kg and so on... some ppl with high blood pressure and other conditions such as malabsorption or low body weight should not take xenical too...and xenical is useless if u do not consume fat at all, or if you consume more than 30% total fat intake, as thats the max absorption and ducolax which is a laxative, is mainly use for relieving constipation and not to reduce weight, but if u use it for weight control, in otehr countries its consider abusing the medication and moreover you can get addicted to it plus your body will get constipated easier if youo don't take the medication.last but not least, the medication are not recommended for under 18 and also pregnant women. i think its great that you're sharing all these ideas but perhaps you need to emphasize that they should consult health prof such as their own doctor first and use only as recommended on the packaging as not all medication are suitable for them. i tink introducing healthy lifestyle and food intake and exercises would be the best. i apologised if i came across a bit straight forward but as a health prof i am a bit particular with it :) but you are our example of career woman and many ppl would be looking towards you for advises so its really important to go through a thorough research etc before posting it up as all women want to be pretty and slim but many would go to the extent that it may harm their health...

Marlene said...

Well, I just want to say that taking all these pills is not advisable for diet. - Soo Wincci

Hey Soo i just saw this line...sorry if i mistaken you for encouraging pills taking ^_^ i apologise. but keep up the good work, i would be reading them everytime you update your posts (its like living in your celebrity world too!!!)

beauty queen said...

Dear Marlene, thanks for your comment, you are doing a great example as you are concerned about others health. REally thanks alot ya=)

Anonymous said...

hey soo :) how to get skinny legs ar? im so dying to have skinny legs! mine is soooo huge :(( HALLPP!