Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ways to make your face look slimmer

Face Shaping Roller

I remembered I used to have chubby face, and on camera I will look bloated. So me, myself I invented this technique called face whacking (Just whack the flesh on your chin lightly with motion upwards) I do this everyday. And it really works. However, nowadays we can utilizes the new technology to help in face slimming. Just use this face roller everyday and you will see the effect really fast. You can get it from Sasa for RM5.90.

Face Shaping cream

Also to accelerate the face slimming you can also apply the face lifting and shaping cream. It really helps a lot.

Face Shaping Mask

I just saw this face mask online for face slimming. I guess you have to wear it everyday for may be 20 to 30 min and you will get the desired face shape. I think by wearing this mask I will sweat alot too.

Ice Cube

There are more crazy ways of face shaping which i heard from stars. I heard from one Taiwanese host, at times when she have puffy face in the morning, she will put ice cubes on her face.( Which is really crazy). Some stars even wear a helmet for face shaping to bed. All these is really extreme. I personally think just do more exercise and face massage then your face will slim down eventually. Oh Steam bath and sauna helps too and drinking coffee can reduce water retention as well=D!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks to share your beauty secret. hope it will works with me.

Luv, wawa