Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sayang you can dance movie preview and press conference

With the crew and cast memebers of Sayang you can Dance

Last Thursday and Friday I attended the press conference and movie preview of a local production called "Sayang you can Dance". It was a great experience. I was the host for the press conference on thursday. I met alot of stars from over asia, I met the tall handsome Samuel Rizal from Indoonesia, Sharifah Amani from the movie of Sepet, Carmen Soo, Dafi and alot more.

Then on the gala premier of the movie me and Cindy Chen(Miss World Malaysia 2008 1st runner-up) was told to wear nice and formal, hence we decided to borrow dresses from our local famous designer Carven Ong. We chose this green and red long dress. Then as we appeared at the red carpet, then only we noticed we were over-dressed. The rest of the crowd was just wearing jeans or cocktail dresses including the main casts of the film.Moreover, me and Cindy was wearing high heals, we both was like twin tower in the crowd. Then, we met Kenny Sia , malaysia's famous blogger, he was also wearing formal, hence 3 of us sat together and started to laugh it all by ourselves.( I think alot of guests on that night must have thought that we were crazy or we wanted to outstand ourselves.) It was really an experience.
Checking make up at miko hair studio in pavilion
This movie will be in cinema on the 12th march 2009 so stay tune and please support, it is malaysian's first ever dancing idol movie.

Cindy,Kenny Sia, Carmen Soo, Soo Wincci

With Bjarne the director and our beloved manager Dominique Chiu also star as Mimi in this movie

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jyymei said...

Don't worry Wincci, U girls looked fabulous in Carven's gowns so it was a gd opportunity to steal some limelight XD