Friday, March 20, 2009

Pavilion F1 Fashion Launch

I woke up very early today to rush for a drama sitcom rehearsal. Then half way during the rehearsal, I rushed to Pavilion for a press conference for F1 Fashion launching.I was supposed to reach pavilion around 1.30pm, however due to the traffic jam I was late. As i stepped down from the car, i quickly went for my hair-do.

Then here come my new hair do.

Lion King Hair Style
The pres conference started around 4. It was a casual one. My partner Carven Ong and Other designer from Padini and eclipse were there as well. The press conference ended around 5pm. Then, I quickly changed and rushed back for rehearsal.

Beautiful Dress From Carven Ong
On the way back, the jam started . Then, the crew from NTV7 called, informing me that my turn was next. I was so sleepy and exhausted. Also, very hungry as I had no time to munc

I finished my part around 9 something at night. However, the rest of the cast continued till 11pm.
After the rehearsal,me and my friends went to celebrate Kim's 23rd Birthday.

Kim The Birthday Girl

I used to remembered when we were still studying in the UK, 4 of us down there plus Nigel, celebrated Kim's 21st birthday together in France, it was a such a memorable one.=D!!!

Reading St Georges Gang
After that I quickly went back to bed as I need to wake up early in the morning for my drama shooting. Well it was a rushing day for me, but i think is worth it=D!!!


Aaron said... in KL city is so rush.... by the way, wat movie are you shooting? NTV7 TV series?

beauty queen said...

I am shooting a chinese sitcom for NTV 7, is called MR Siow Mandarin Class, will be coming out April 15th , Must watch really funny.

Aaron said...

That will be great. NTV7 comedy =) I just got a chance to glance through ur profile..and i just realize that you are so talented. You have "Beauty and Brain" . Hmm, Maybe you can share in your blog of how u balance up all these (modeling, studies, work, music and entertaintment) when you are free. By the way, i do play guitar in Klang Valley music cafe too way back in my uni days but nowadyas change to playing live band as a part time job for events instead. I do compose songs too but just some simple songs for my friends. Your own compose song regarding giving hope to the children is billiant.. haha... Maybe I should conclude that those that are able to enter and grade from "Lee Wei Song" music academy are really someone hor? As what people say "People Wood- REN CAI " =p hehe... One of my friend that grade from there is currently a local artis too. Since you are geogeous, smart and talented. Hmm... i guess u will someday be the first LAWYER cum MODEL cum SINGER cum COMPOSER . haha. Not far to it =) Keep it Up. Cheers

Kenny T said...

wincci, your lion king hairstyle looks funny lol

hope the sitcom is a pure success =)