Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr Siow Mandarin Class Chinese Sitcom

Mr Siow Mandarin Class

Recently, I have been busy shooting a local Chinese Sitcom, titled, " Mr Siow Mandarin Class". The shooting time is from 9.30am to 3am everyday. Really tiring but this is an amazing experience. Also, I have learned so much about acting. Thanks to all the professional actors and actresses, they really taught me so much.

Sharukhan,Cindy, Me, Alvin, Auguste Kwan, Keng, Steve Yap, Baki

Funny Stories: There was once, the director keep re-shooting a particular scene, so me and my friend Cindy was really tired and restless during the shoot. So we began to gossip , then half way I just realized something and told Cindy," Oh no, our mics are still on". After the shoot finished, we walked to the audio controlling room and told the audio guys," Just now if you guys heard any 2 ladies talking, it was'nt us at all." They all just laughed at both of us. ( This taught us a good lesson: never ever gossip during a shoot)

Well, when I started to shoot this show, i was so stressed up( well this is my 1st ever tv series). Hence, at times, I kept forgetting my lines. It gotten better later on as i gotten more comfortable with the environment and the casts as well.
This drama will be showing in NTV7, starting from April 15th 2009, every wed at 9pm. This is a really hilarious chinese sitcom, so remember must watch.


SunKee said...

i will definately support u..

beauty queen said...

Thanks alot ya

Aaron said...

Looking forward for this movie =) All the Best. By the way, Steve Yap looks cool with this hairstlye.

hwings said...

Really nice Show, I love the Show