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Life during Miss World Competition

Well, Miss World had been a great training plat form for me. Within this one month we were packed with activities every single day. Also, I experienced a once in a life time chances being able to have this golden opportunity to represent my country. Well basically, I remembered once I just stepped out of the plane, a few local workers of the organization they just ascot me and help me with my luggages. Then I was sent by a van and in front of the van was leaded by a police car to the hotel. I checked in the hotel and my room mate was philipines. We get to have some rest the first few days then everything kick start on the 3rd day. Basically when I was there i have to wake up early morning( sometimes as early as 3 am) to do my own hair do and make up. There were no make up artist being provided for daily basis.

Then everyday we must dressed in dresses or sometimes in the safari they will distribute us some T shirts to wear in accordance to our team. For all of your information, casual wear there means like cocktail dresses , whereas formal means long gown. The first time we went there , when they said casual during the first time, me and some gals went down with jeans and top and we went down there we felt under-dressed as all were at least in cocktail dresses. Also, the schedule it depends as well, some days we have nothing to do at nigh but some days is packed till 1am. Every week we will be traveling to new places.

( This is what we called casual during the miss world pageant)
(P.S: Casual in Miss World is not jeans and shirt but at least a cocktail wear)

( This is what we called formal wear during Miss World)
Also, I think i brought like over 60 dresses there and also gotten a few gowns from Carven Ong. My suit cases was 75kg. Practically everyday we need like 2 cocktail dresses and also alot of gowns.

The most memorable experience was in the safari all 109 contestants was seperated into 4 teams and everyday we have to stay at different places and everyday's activities was a surprise for us. The 1st day we stayed up the hill, 2nd day we stayed at a danger zone where animals could just walk pass your rooms, 3rd day we stayed in this traditional hut where there is no door, no electricity, no toilet, lastly the 4th day we stay in this hotel camp where full of insects and mosquito at night. Also, during the safari we have quiz and some team work test everyday, basically during the day we will go jungle tracking or a walk in the safari and the rangers there will tell us alot of things regarding the safari and we have to pay attention as later at night we will be tested on everything.

( This was one of the places we stayed in the safari, there was no toilet or electricity inside)

( This was another place we stayed in the safari where everyday as we stepped inside the toilet there will be more than hundreds of mosquito lying on the washing sink)

( This was another place we stayed, it was very high on top of the hill)

After the 1st week in the safari the 2nd week and 3rd week is all the competition for all subsidary titles. I got into top semi finalist for top model and also got into top finals for talent( I was performing mask changing while playing piano and also at the same time singing my own composition song).(P.S: The organizers there will always tell you that the subsidary result will not affect the end result but we all contestant feels that it somehow does, as the judges for all the competition are almost the same so just be awarre and perform your best from the moment you step out the plane till you return to your country). Also, one more thing, do not place too high hopes as the result all in all is very subjective, it doesn't mean you are the best then you will win, it really depends on alot of factors, so my advice is just try your very best and hope for the worst

(Art of Mask changing while playing my song and singing it)

(During The Top Model Selection)

The final and last week was rehearsal every day. Actually while i was there, sometimes i felt that i am alone there and sometimes I really felt exhausted and tired . However, somehow, I just have to constantly pushing myself and telling myself not to give up. Also, when we were there we can't leave our room without our chaperon or our team leader. That's why most of the time we just have to stay in our room. Also, during lunch time or any meal time, we all have to be quick otherwise you wont get time to eat as there were 109 contestants and plus all the workers it sums up around 200 people. Well, as for diet wise actually we all didn't really watch our diet the food was just too nice especially deserts, i guess we burn all that calories away by doing alot activities everyday. ( Some contestant can eat up to 4 omelets everyday morning). Moreover, there were alot of waiting as there were too many contestants.

It is also our own job to behave and dress up nicely every single time as judges will be just around us any time. Well, there were no cat fights among all the girls but there were definitely conflicts here and there. Everyday you must try your very best to make yourself stand out as there are so many girls there. Whenever there is photo opportunity you just have to make your way there.

However, overall it was a great experience and I had built a strong connection of friendship all around the world. Sometimes when I think back although is tiring but it was some quality time spent.

( Asian contestant with the host from China)

(Miss World 2007 Miss Zhang Zilin)
(P.S: She is really tall (1.83cm) also she is really down to earth and really sweet =D!!!She always gave us tips during the pageant)

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