Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Kitty Mac Launching and FHM girls Next door

Just gotten the pictures for these 2 events from my dear friend Cindy Chen. We both went to the MAc hellp Kitty launching. It was great fun. 12 celebrities including us was invited to make over and to attend the event. So all of us gathered at Gardens Hotel Mid Valley around 4.30 and we all started make up and hair-do. We could choose either wild or mild make over. I chose mixture of both, but the significant thingy is that everyone must have a ribbon on their head, some big and some small. Mine was a huge big one.

After finished make up, we have to walk towards the old wing of Mid Valley for the launching. The funny part is that me and Cindy need to place something in our car so we decided to walk there later by ourselves with our manager Kenji. On the way there, alot of people just stared at us. The most funniest part is that, as we were inside the hotel lift, an Ang mo was staring so weirdly at us,( I think he thought that we are bunny gals ahaha well should be kitty gals I guess).Well, it was really an experience.

Hannah Lo, Xandria Ooi and us

Another event we attended is the FHM girls next door. I was so happy that my friend Jezamine won, she really worked so hard and i think she deserved it, once again congrates to her.


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