Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion show for Carven Ong

Just did a fashion show yesterday for Carven Ong in PGRM cheras. I was lost in the traffic for 1 and half hour as I totally forgotten the directions to get there. I was really fearful at that time as I was an hour late. This always happens to me especially I am in a rush. Then i tried calling friends asking for direction. Thank God I called my father's friend and he managed to direct me to the location. Then as I reached there, I was lost again at the car park, searching for the lift to go up. Luckily when i arrived, they have not started make up yet. Looking around, I was very delighted to see my dear friend Jessie Lau there.We have not met since last year and undoubtedly we chatted non stop.

With Jessie Lau

I met Amber Chia there as well, she just came back from New York. We did our make up at around 4.30pm and the show started around 9.30pm. Initially it should have started at 8pm. Well this always happens, as models you just have to be patient. At times you need to wait for the whole day to just appear on stage for less than few minutes. Well, It was a great show overall, and the waiting is worth-while.=D!!!

With Amber Chia

With Pinky(Amber Chia's sister who was one of our make up artist)

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