Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Events pictures

After the crowning as Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009, I have been invited to lots of events ranging from fashion show to award ceremony. Events can be tiring at times, we will spend few hours doing make up and hair do then at the end may be we just need to make appearance for less than an hour. I remembered when i first started to attend events, at times i will be alone as i do not know anyone there. However, when attending events, you must be friendly and do not ever be shy. Also, always get more photo opportunity so that it is a great memory to be captured and more publicity too. Malaysia entertainment industry is still not as crazy as Hong Kong yet where stars will do alot of crazy things to get their ways to stand out more. So now let me share some of the pictures here=)!!!

At Juara Lagu Award Ceremony with my partner Ben Ibrahim

With Local Famous Designer Carven Ong

START foundation event

Rafflesia CNY dinner

At Carven Ong's Boutique

With Iz, Jacklyn Victor and mua.

With Miss World Malaysia top 5 finalist

Cindy, me, Levy and Elvanna

With Elaine Daily

With Hansen Lee

With Miko

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