Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Charity Hair Cut for A Cut Above

Last Sunday I went to support my friend edie for the charity hair cut for Acut Above. Just RM10 then it will be donated to Jusco Fund. This will be donated to help children in need especially for their education. Alright, I reach there around 2pm, (supposingly i have a meeting around 3pm but it was postponed). So I reached there and went to meet my friend eddie who was busy cutting hair. I also met Boon Shing and Wendy there.

As I was standing waiting for my turn, I saw some familiar faces. I saw a few senior hair stylist from A cut Above , whom helped me to style my hair before and also Winnie Loo's husband. They recon me and then they asked me a favour whether could they cut my hair on stage. Then I told them I have no make up on my face. So they asked the make-up artist to help me out, then i said alright may be i can help a little by saying something on stage and lending a hand to them.

So there it went, very spontaneously and dressing very casually, I went up the stage and I helped them by urging people to donate , cutting my hair and also modelled my hair on stage.

The talented Hair Stylist Eddie Tai

Well, life as a celebrity is always like this, you always have to be spontaneous and often you will be surprised. Just like today, I just wanted to come and support my friends, then i was invited to be on stage.

Modelling on Stage
Well, it was great fun and anything which involves charity i will definitely do it=D!!! Straight after that, I quickly rush for my meeting.=D!!!

Then at night i called edie, he told me he won the most hair cut hair-stylist and also they managed to hit 1500 hair-cut target, I was so joyful and happy for them=D!!!

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