Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr Siow Mandarin Class Chinese Sitcom

Mr Siow Mandarin Class

Recently, I have been busy shooting a local Chinese Sitcom, titled, " Mr Siow Mandarin Class". The shooting time is from 9.30am to 3am everyday. Really tiring but this is an amazing experience. Also, I have learned so much about acting. Thanks to all the professional actors and actresses, they really taught me so much.

Sharukhan,Cindy, Me, Alvin, Auguste Kwan, Keng, Steve Yap, Baki

Funny Stories: There was once, the director keep re-shooting a particular scene, so me and my friend Cindy was really tired and restless during the shoot. So we began to gossip , then half way I just realized something and told Cindy," Oh no, our mics are still on". After the shoot finished, we walked to the audio controlling room and told the audio guys," Just now if you guys heard any 2 ladies talking, it was'nt us at all." They all just laughed at both of us. ( This taught us a good lesson: never ever gossip during a shoot)

Well, when I started to shoot this show, i was so stressed up( well this is my 1st ever tv series). Hence, at times, I kept forgetting my lines. It gotten better later on as i gotten more comfortable with the environment and the casts as well.
This drama will be showing in NTV7, starting from April 15th 2009, every wed at 9pm. This is a really hilarious chinese sitcom, so remember must watch.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pavilion F1 Fashion Launch

I woke up very early today to rush for a drama sitcom rehearsal. Then half way during the rehearsal, I rushed to Pavilion for a press conference for F1 Fashion launching.I was supposed to reach pavilion around 1.30pm, however due to the traffic jam I was late. As i stepped down from the car, i quickly went for my hair-do.

Then here come my new hair do.

Lion King Hair Style
The pres conference started around 4. It was a casual one. My partner Carven Ong and Other designer from Padini and eclipse were there as well. The press conference ended around 5pm. Then, I quickly changed and rushed back for rehearsal.

Beautiful Dress From Carven Ong
On the way back, the jam started . Then, the crew from NTV7 called, informing me that my turn was next. I was so sleepy and exhausted. Also, very hungry as I had no time to munc

I finished my part around 9 something at night. However, the rest of the cast continued till 11pm.
After the rehearsal,me and my friends went to celebrate Kim's 23rd Birthday.

Kim The Birthday Girl

I used to remembered when we were still studying in the UK, 4 of us down there plus Nigel, celebrated Kim's 21st birthday together in France, it was a such a memorable one.=D!!!

Reading St Georges Gang
After that I quickly went back to bed as I need to wake up early in the morning for my drama shooting. Well it was a rushing day for me, but i think is worth it=D!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Past events Pictures

Just noticed i have not blog about my other past events. So I hereby just upload all the pictures, enjoy=D!!!

Zen Obagi Launching

Rafflesia CNY night

Key Ng Fashion Show

Carven Ong Couture Fashion show

The Star National Day Gallery

Palace of Golden Horses Art Launching


Levis Curve Jeans Launching

Hello Kitty Mac Launching and FHM girls Next door

Just gotten the pictures for these 2 events from my dear friend Cindy Chen. We both went to the MAc hellp Kitty launching. It was great fun. 12 celebrities including us was invited to make over and to attend the event. So all of us gathered at Gardens Hotel Mid Valley around 4.30 and we all started make up and hair-do. We could choose either wild or mild make over. I chose mixture of both, but the significant thingy is that everyone must have a ribbon on their head, some big and some small. Mine was a huge big one.

After finished make up, we have to walk towards the old wing of Mid Valley for the launching. The funny part is that me and Cindy need to place something in our car so we decided to walk there later by ourselves with our manager Kenji. On the way there, alot of people just stared at us. The most funniest part is that, as we were inside the hotel lift, an Ang mo was staring so weirdly at us,( I think he thought that we are bunny gals ahaha well should be kitty gals I guess).Well, it was really an experience.

Hannah Lo, Xandria Ooi and us

Another event we attended is the FHM girls next door. I was so happy that my friend Jezamine won, she really worked so hard and i think she deserved it, once again congrates to her.


Charity Hair Cut for A Cut Above

Last Sunday I went to support my friend edie for the charity hair cut for Acut Above. Just RM10 then it will be donated to Jusco Fund. This will be donated to help children in need especially for their education. Alright, I reach there around 2pm, (supposingly i have a meeting around 3pm but it was postponed). So I reached there and went to meet my friend eddie who was busy cutting hair. I also met Boon Shing and Wendy there.

As I was standing waiting for my turn, I saw some familiar faces. I saw a few senior hair stylist from A cut Above , whom helped me to style my hair before and also Winnie Loo's husband. They recon me and then they asked me a favour whether could they cut my hair on stage. Then I told them I have no make up on my face. So they asked the make-up artist to help me out, then i said alright may be i can help a little by saying something on stage and lending a hand to them.

So there it went, very spontaneously and dressing very casually, I went up the stage and I helped them by urging people to donate , cutting my hair and also modelled my hair on stage.

The talented Hair Stylist Eddie Tai

Well, life as a celebrity is always like this, you always have to be spontaneous and often you will be surprised. Just like today, I just wanted to come and support my friends, then i was invited to be on stage.

Modelling on Stage
Well, it was great fun and anything which involves charity i will definitely do it=D!!! Straight after that, I quickly rush for my meeting.=D!!!

Then at night i called edie, he told me he won the most hair cut hair-stylist and also they managed to hit 1500 hair-cut target, I was so joyful and happy for them=D!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion show for Carven Ong

Just did a fashion show yesterday for Carven Ong in PGRM cheras. I was lost in the traffic for 1 and half hour as I totally forgotten the directions to get there. I was really fearful at that time as I was an hour late. This always happens to me especially I am in a rush. Then i tried calling friends asking for direction. Thank God I called my father's friend and he managed to direct me to the location. Then as I reached there, I was lost again at the car park, searching for the lift to go up. Luckily when i arrived, they have not started make up yet. Looking around, I was very delighted to see my dear friend Jessie Lau there.We have not met since last year and undoubtedly we chatted non stop.

With Jessie Lau

I met Amber Chia there as well, she just came back from New York. We did our make up at around 4.30pm and the show started around 9.30pm. Initially it should have started at 8pm. Well this always happens, as models you just have to be patient. At times you need to wait for the whole day to just appear on stage for less than few minutes. Well, It was a great show overall, and the waiting is worth-while.=D!!!

With Amber Chia

With Pinky(Amber Chia's sister who was one of our make up artist)

Ben Ibrahim web site launch

Kenji, Iz, Datuk, Me and Ben Ibrahim

Ben Ibrahim's web site was officially launched few days ago. I was so honored to be invited to host and perform for his event. A lot of people turned up and it was really a joyful and relax night. Some info for you all, Ben is a very famous TV host and also he writes for magazines, to know him more log on to

Singing on stage

With Jezamine (2009 FHM girls next door winner)

Vivien, mua, Jez, Craig Fong