Monday, December 28, 2009

Taiwan Part 2-Gala Dinner

As we reached Taiwan, we quickly went to get ready for that night's performance. I performed the art of Mask Changing and sang a song from my singing album. I also had a golden opportunity to sing the theme song with Emmy Award Violinist Winner, Mr Jamie.Straight after that, we went back to bed as the next morning we have to wake up early for more activities.我们一到台湾,我们就赶快地忙着准备当天晚上的演出.在当晚的世界和平大會開幕晚宴上我就一邊變臉,一邊表演《半開的秘密》.此外,我還與格林美得主、小提琴聖手占美合作大會主題曲《Where Peace Begins》过后,我们便会去酒店休息。因为隔天早上我们还有许多的活动及演出。

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taiwan Part 1

We woke up early in the morning and sat a flight to Taiwan for the Global peace festival. My make up artiste ,Karen even drove down straight from Johor and met us at the airport. This time, we were very lucky as we have the golden opportunity to sit Business Class(When we were booking our air tickets, the price of business class seats were cheaper than normal seats, so we opt for business class=)). Upon arrival, my make up artiste did my make up on the plane.
一大早起来,我们便搭飞机去台湾。我的画妆师更特地从Johor 搭车下来机场回合我们。这一次,我们很幸运因为有机会乘坐Business Class。(当我们定购机票时,Business Class便宜过普通座位,所以我们当然选 Business Class)。此外,要到达目的地时,我的化妆师还在飞机里替我化妆。

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mido Watch Launch

Me and Owen were invited as the guest artistes for the MIDO watch launch. The event was held @ Sky Bar. The theme for the event was orange, therefore, I wore a long orange dress from Nazleen Nor

As a token of appreciation, I was awarded a gorgeous Mido watch which consists 12 diamonds. I really love it and I wore it almost everyday as the watch is suitable for every ocassion.=)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Performance in Taiwan

This was one of the performance i did in Taiwan. It was awesome. Over 30,000 audiences were there. Also, it was live broadcasted. For more of the pictures I will post it up very soon.
Ini merupakan performance saya yang pertama di Taiwan. Lebih daripada 30,000 orang menyertai konsert ini. Selain itu, rancangan ini juga ada live telecast.
这是我在台湾的一些片段。当场有超过30,000 观众,还有现场直播呢!。其他的照片我会迟点放上。

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I will be going to Taiwan on this coming Friday 30th Oct 2009. I Will be representing Malaysia as the PEACE AMBASSADOR to perform in front of the president of Taiwan, Ma Jing Jiu. I will sing and perform the art of mask changing. Also, I will be singing in this huge Global Peace festival Concert, where artistes Such as Guang Liang, Xiao Jing Teng and etc will be also performing. I am really excited. Besides that, I will be also attending some vocal and composition classes. Here's the Press Release in Chinese.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Miss World Malaysia 2009/1010

It's been a memorable and fulfilling reign for me as Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009. I would really like to Thank GOD, my family, Datuk Vincent Lee, Amin , My manager Dominique, Beyond Events & Artiste Management, DDB PR, DDB Naga, Milk & Co, Rap Colins, Model.Com and also everyone who have supported me.

Miss World Malaysia has indeed transformed my life. After I was being crowned, I was actively involved in charity work, acting, and my favourite part was producing my singing album.

Well, I still remembered how surreal it was when my name was announced as Miss World Malaysia.

This year's Miss World Malaysia goes to Thanuja. 1st runner up Stephanie Chua and 2nd Runner up Christy. Congratulation to all of you girls. You all have done a magnificent job.

This year's Miss World Malaysia was held in Sunway Pyramid. It was the first time to be held in a mall. That day it was packed with people and the atmosphere was really great. I performed 3 songs.

For the opening I was being dressed up like Cleopatra and I was wearing this wig on my hair. The funny part was that, no one could recognize me, even my parents.

Then for the closing, I wore my crown and performed another 2 songs from my singing album.

Also, one day before the gala night, we had a reunion night with the 2008 finalists.

I really miss those pageant days. It was really fun and memorable. Also, it was a great training ground for me. As I always say, winning is not everything and losing is not the end of the world. Competition is very subjective.

I remembered I used to participate in so many pageants and never once I won 1st. At one point, my family and friends told me this,"Wincci, please don't join anymore pageant to embarrass yourself." I was really heart broken and at times I lost my confidence. I cried endless times and even wanted to give up. However,I kept telling myself that giving up is not the solution and "Never Try, Never know". Also, failure is the key way to success. Besides that, in order to achieve our dreams, we have to be firm of our vision when everyone look down on us.

Therefore, if you have a dream, go chase it and believe in yourself=). Also, do not be afraid of failures=)!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come to Sunway Pyramid this FRiday night to support me=)

I will be performing In Sunway Pyramid Main Concourse this Friday night,2nd OCT,2009, 7.30pm for the Miss World Malaysia 2009 pageant. I will be also doing my final walk and crowning the new queen. So, do come and support ya.=)

Also, please stay tuned to 8tv on Wed, 30th OCt,(2pm-3pm) and AI FM 89.3 on this Thurs 1st OCT, 3pm-4pm, I will be live on radio.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

88水災籌款活動晚宴,Taiwan Fund Raising Gala Night Dinner)

Me, Vincent and ManHand

ALL the celebrities


Jeanie, Karen Kong, Eric, and Me

With the band

Counting the Donation

Jeanie and Mua

Jeanie,黄明志,Karen Kong and Me

Vincent (Host from Hong Kong)

Artistes from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan gathered together to raise funds for the Taiwan Victims. It was such a meaningful event.

For the gala night, Jeanie and I duet a song titled "I ll be there". At the end of the show, Me, Jeanie, Karen Kong and Eric sang the theme song of the night. We managed to raise more than RM200k. We hope that the donation amount would not just stop there as the victims still need our sincere help=).

Click here and here for some of the online news of this event.

This is the video for the press conference. Enjoy